XMark FID Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench with Preacher Curl XM-4417

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xmark-fid-flat-incline-decline-weight-bench-with-preacher-curl-xm-4417-1Product Introduction

The XMark FID XM 4417 is great equipment in terms of adjustable bench. This is the perfect equipment for using it at home. The device is quite in budget as well as packaged with versatility. It gives a quality experience in terms of workout sessions. This adjustable bench is useful to people who find it difficult in taking out time for going to gyms or fitness centers. The XMark XM 4417 is portable and can be placed easily in homes. Similar to XM 7604, the XMark XM 4417 also shares same features to a great extent. The adjustment in this equipment allows the user to access decline to military position at the maximum limit. The equipment allows the user to access its three adjustments in order to customize it for biceps workout. The body of this equipment is strong, sturdy and metallic. It has a long life and ensures safety and results to the user. This adjustable bench has been developed with high and supreme quality of cushioned seat. The seat is made up of 14 gauge, 2.5 inches high density cushioned seats which are double stitched and are made up of Duraguard vinyl. The seat is resistant to tear and sweat.

xmark-fid-flat-incline-decline-weight-bench-with-preacher-curl-xm-4417-2Product Details

The XMark XM 4417 can be easily adjusted. The back pad of this adjustable bench is capable enough of handling eight spring loaded adjustments. The angles can be adjusted from decline to a fully military upright position. With its three adjustments, the user can find a unique feature for working out on biceps. The 2.5 inches high density cushions allows the user to use the device for a long period of time. The material of the seat is made up of Duraguard vinyl in order to make it sweat and tear resistant. Unlike, in some other brands, this feature has been ignored. XMark believes in giving a long lasting experience to its users. With respect to the specifications, the dimension of XMark XM 4417 is 64 x 22.5 x 48.5 Inches. The device weighs around 75 pounds. The device will weigh around 62 pounds during shipment. This adjustable bench proves itself to be sturdy and strong as it can take the weight upto 500 Lbs. The dimensions of seating cushion measures 16.75 x 14 inches while that of back cushion measures 30.5 x 12 inches. With a finishing and coating of baked powder, XMark XM – 4417 is resistant to scratch, etc…


XMark has developed its adjusting bench XM 4417 after a great amount of technical research. This adjusting bench is well suited for people interested in working out at home. Like XM 7604, XMark has also attempted its best to come up with a great benefiting adjusting bench. The following are the benefits of XMark XM 4417:



1. Being a sturdy and strong device, the XMark XM 4417 is capable of holding weight up to 500 Lbs. It can be used for other multipurpose exercises as well.

2. Having a strong platform, the XM 4417 can be transferred or moved easily from one place to another.

3. XMark 4417 can be assembled and installed with great ease. A layman can also assemble or dismantle it by simply reading the instructions.

4. Since the device is very strong, it does not shake or wobble.

5. The finishing coat on XMark XM 4417 is excellent and so it is scratch resistant.


XMark believes in offering high on quality and features fitness equipment to the masses. It has tried its level best to imbibe the features required for weight training efficiently in its XMark XM – 4417.


XMark is a renowned brand in the fitness industry and hence it can be relied upon easily. It is easy to use and handle.



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