Body-Solid GFI-21 Flat to Incline Weight Bench

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body-solid-gfi-21-flat-to-incline-weight-bench-1Product Introduction

Adjustable weight benches are fitness equipment with superior technology. Since a period of three to four decades, these weight benches have drastically evolved with time. Weight Benches are considered for weight training and body strengthening fitness. Initially, weight bench used to only comprise of one piece that only worked for singular weight training. But as time has evolved, the designing of Weight benches has jumped to a next level. They have been refined and become multi-tasking equipment for developing the fitness of a person. Fitness equipments play a vital role in shaping the body and building the strength of the person. There are various fitness brands that have flooded the fitness centers with their equipment. Body Solid is one of those fitness brands that manufacture and provide the finest of the equipment for remaining fit. With their special hand in the segment of the adjustable bench, they have always been considered to be a reliable one. One of their equipment is Body Solid GFI – 21 Flat to incline weight bench which has caught eyeballs of fitness trainers as well. Body Solid GFI – 21 has a unique feature of safety pulling pin which allows the user to adjust the angles of the back pad from flat to exactly 90 degrees one. The seat and back pad of Body Solid GFI – 21 is made up of strong and sturdy material which ensures good posture, metallic support, and safety while working out.

body-solid-gfi-21-flat-to-incline-weight-bench-2Product Details

People engaged in a variety of dumbbell and barbell exercises will find Body Solid GFI – 21 to be just a perfect one for them. With great seat pad, the user can be ensured for his or her lower back support and safety. The dimension of Body Solid GFI – 21 is 21 x 52 x 17 inches and weighs 57 Lbs. The product is a commercial success as it has 2 x 3 inches mainframe of heavy gauge steel. The steel built body ensures safety, sturdiness, and strength to the user. With its unique popping pin, the positions can be adjusted nine different ones from flat to a 90-degree position. Body Solid believes in the fitness of one and all and hence people can easily buy it by making a purchase online. Due to a compact packaging, the dimension also changes to some extent. The dimensions on package come to 15.35 x 47.24 x 9.45 inches and weigh to 63.29 Lbs. Body Solid GFI – 21 can be easily attached and detached whenever required. The in-built wheels of this equipment are one of the best parts. Wheels help the user to move the bench from one place to another effortlessly. With strong grip, the user can ensure it to be safe from skidding away.


1. The strong and sturdy steel body of Body Solid GFI – 21 ensures it to be durable and long lasting.

2. With a unique touch-enabled pop pin, the user can easily shift to different angles for work out. The angles can be adjusted from zero to ninety-degree level. It is a great adjustable bench which enhances the user experience post usage. It allows the user to perform multiple exercises.

3. The in-built wheels can be easily folded and opened for moving. This feature helps it to adjust in both residential and commercial premise. With wheels, the user can ensure space management as well.

4.The Body-Solid GFI – 21 can be well supported with various attachments namely, SDR Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells, Body Solid Multi Press Rack, KB Kettlebells and Body Solid Multi press rack.

5. Dumbbells and Barbell exercises can be performed efficiently with a result on Body Solid GFI – 21.


The device comprises of almost all the features required for strength and weight training. Hence, there is no scope for disadvantages.


Body Solid GFI – 21 is a great adjustable bench enabling people to do more and more dumbbells and barbells exercise. Also, by consulting well with one’s fitness lovers, people can indeed decide upon its residential purchase or not.


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